Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DC Gets New Speed Cameras for Christmas

Washington DC has reportedly just deployed 11 new speed camera sites at these locations:

800 block of Eastern Avenue, NE
5500 block of East Capitol St., NE
2800 block of New York Avenue, NE
5500 block of East Capitol Street, SE
1900 block of Southern Avenue, SE
Southeast Southwest Freeway @ 9th Street entrance ramp SE
Southeast Southwest Freeway @ 8th Street SE
3700 block of Southern Avenue SE
Suitland Parkway nw/b before Firth Sterling Ave SE
2900 block of Military Road NW
5300 block of 14th Street NW

These are in addition to the 50 speed and red light cameras the city had already maintained. The new locations are primarily located on major roadways which Maryland residents use to enter the city. These locations will be enforced by mobile cameras (vans), which can be easily moved or concealed.

The new cameras will issue only warnings for the first 30 days to make sure local residents are aware of them, but by December 26th will begin issuing real citations. The camera at 2800 New York Ave(a major 6-lane freeway) is apparently right next to the warehouse and main office of the Washington Times, a paper which has been critical of DC's speed and red light camera programs in the past.

In other news of interest to those visiting DC, the District's 16,000 parking meters have received a record 100,000 complaints so far in 2008. The most frequent complaints include jammed meters and those that didn't register deposited money. DC's parking meters are maintained by ACS State and Local Solutions, who is also the contractor for Montgomery County's speed cameras.