Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frederick City Officials Seeking Speed Cameras

Local Officials from the City of Frederick, Maryland are asking their county delegation to the General Assembly to seek authorization to install Speed Cameras. At a meeting on Tuesday Dec 9th with Frederick County lawmakers, Frederick City Alderwoman Marcia Hall, Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak, and Alderman David Koontz made the request for speed camera legislation. Studying new ways to raise revenue without raising taxes was apparently also high on the legislators' priority list, hmmm curious.

Given that such meetings are often overly represented by people with more free time on their hands rather than those who spend lots of their time driving to other parts of the state, and who favor additional government intervention rather than those who favor limited government and personal liberty, those residents of Frederick who hold a different view may be underrepresented. I would encourage you to write to representatives in Frederick City or Frederick County and also to your state representatives that you disagree with your local officials on this matter. A sample letter can be found HERE. The next General Assembly starts on January 14th 2009.

Meanwhile, Governor O'Malley recently restated his support for statewide speed camera legislation, similar to the bills which came within a hair's breadth of passing in 2008.