Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Redspeed Targets Small Towns As Speed Camera Customers

The smallest and newest player in Maryland's speed camera business is targeting small towns with its speed camera marketing strategy.  Redspeed conducted a traffic survey in the town of Rising Sun and estimated that at one camera site they could have brought in $20,000 worth of revenue had a camera been placed there.  The data was presented at a September 14 town meeting.

Under the deal offered by Redspeed the company would keep $15 of every citation and the town would keep the remaining $25.  The town would first need to pass an ordinance authorizing the cameras and another approving the contract.  Rising Sun Residents who have objections to being stripped of their due process rights should consult the Town Commissioners or attend the next public meeting.

A similar sales pitch is being made to the Frederick County town of Thurmont.  Redspeed's presentation was made at a September 7th town meeting.  Thurmont would also need to draft and pass local legislation.  Note that this can happen with very little notice, and in many small towns only an extremely small minority of residents pay any attention to the goings on in town meetings!  Those with concerns about being presumed guilty by a machine should contact the town's elected officials or attend the next town meeting.
We previously reported that Princess Anne is seriously considering adding Redspeed cameras as well.

If speed cameras were implemented both towns would most likely follow the leads of other municipalities who have adopted speed cameras by creatings vast new school zones never previously designated or marked as such, often covering much or most of the town, and which may include major state highways.  In a few cases those municpalities have also lowered speed limits at camera sites.

Redspeed is currently running the speed camera program for Fruitland (Wicomico County).  One local blog documented that Fruitland has found an alternative to creating new school zones: they simply placed the cameras OUTSIDE the posted school zone, in violation of state law.  This comes to no particular surprise to us, since other municipalities have bent or interpreted out of existence almost every restriction on speed cameras.  It must be very nice being a government which can break the law as it puts cameras on every corner to monitor and fine drivers!

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