Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Annapolis, Salisbury Considering Speed Camera Programs

More Maryland cities are considering starting speed camera programs.  Salisbury is looking to deploy cameras "within a 1/2 mile radius of schools" according to an article in Delmarva Now. This area would encompass most of Salisbury including portions the major roads such as US 15 and US 50.  The nearby town of Fruitland is already using cameras provided by Redspeed Inc, which was documented maximizing their profits simply by placing a camera outside the posted school zone.

Annapolis hopes to collect up to $4.5 million by placing speed cameras on Forest Drive, according to a story in Hometown Annapolis.  Redspeed is selling the plan to the state in hopes of collecting a 37.5% cut of each ticket and conducted a traffic survey free of charge to determine the most profitable locations.  The proposal will be discussed at a Monday October 25th council session (see council meetings schedule).

Illinoise based Redspeed USA started its fortunes by helping to create that state's red light camera law. They have recently been pedaling there wares in Thurmont and Princess Anne as well.

Both Annapolis and Salisbury must first pass local legislation and approve a contract to deploy cameras, as well as get SHA permission to use the cameras on state highways.
Salisbury City Council
Annapolis City Council