Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cameras Voted Down in Five US Cities is reporting that five more US cities have rejected photo enforcement in municipal referendums.  Ballot measures on red light cameras were held in Houston and Baytown in Texas, and voters rejected the cameras in both cases despite massive spending to influence the vote by a camera company.  In Mukiteo, Washington a referendum was held on speed and red light cameras with 70% of voters choosing to place new restrictions limiting the use of cameras.  A camera company attempted unsuccessfully to block the Mukiteo referendum in court.  In Anaheim, California voters passed a charter amendment banning red light cameras.And in Garfield Height, Ohio voters passed a measure banning speed cameras, despite the camera contractor funding a PR effort supporting the cameras.

Photo enforcement has been placed to a direct popular vote in a total of 16 municipalities in the US and has been rejected by voters every one of those times.