Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maryland SafeZones Camera Van Caught Speeding

WBFF News Baltimore has reported on a Maryland 'Safe Zones' speed camera van caught traveling 80mph on I-70.  A motorist tailed the van and recorded a video clearly showing the van's 'safezones' insignia, and showed his speedometer reaching 80mph as he matched the van's speed.  Over the last year the Safe Zones vans have issued over 150,000 speeding citations at 5 work zones on interstate highways  I-695, I-95, and US 15.

In Montgomery County it had been previously reported that some police officers who received speed camera tickets had refused to pay the citations under the advice of their police union.

One might ask whether the state is really doing everything it can to gain voluntary compliance with speed limits, when its own law enforcement vehicles are setting the example of speeding?