Monday, November 29, 2010

Redspeed Camera Van Spontaneously Combusts

SBYNews is reporting that a speed camera van in the town of Fruitland spontaneously caught on fire on Saturday.  The incident is believed to be because of an electrical failure, not vandalism.  The speed camera van, owned by Redspeed, is apparently designed to automatically restart its engines when the batteries for the speed camera equipment begin to run low.

Fruitland awarded a 3 year contract for these cameras to a partnership between Brekford Corp and Redspeed according to a Brekford press release, however the partnership between the two companies was terminated earlier this year.  Now Redspeed provides the cameras and related services in exchange for a portion of the ticket revenues.  Fruitland's 'school zone' speed cameras were previously reported to be located outside the posted school zone, a fact confirmed to us by a resident in the area.