Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baltimore Cameras Erroneously Flag Thousands of Tags

You think they've got enough cameras at this spot yet?
WBAL TV Reported that Baltimore City erroneously flagged the vehicle registrations of 8000 drivers who were awaiting hearings for red light camera tickets.  One driver wrote that he had requested a hearing because the light was still yellow when he entered the intersection and received .  After15 months he had still received no hearing date, and instead received a notice that his registration had been flagged.  "I just want justification and due process" he stated.

WBAL contacted the MVA and the City of Baltimore and confirmed that the City had incorrectly notified the MVA to flag thousands of registrations.  The MVA stated that they have now removed the flags.  Drivers who believe they may have been one of the 8000 affected drivers can call the MVA go to the MVA website ( and search under your vehicle information to ensure the flag was removed.  According to the report, Baltimore City officials could provide no explanation for why it took more than 15 months to provide court hearings.