Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are You Fighting a Scamera Ticket? Help Us Help You!

We need to hear from people who are fighting or have recently fought speed camera tickets in court.  Many ticket recipients have been denied their right to due process at District Court hearings, and we need your help to challenge this.

If you have recently fought a ticket in Maryland (successfully or unsuccessfully) we would like to get a courtroom report from you telling us what happened on your "speed camera day".  If you have an upcoming hearing, particularly for a ticket issued by Montgomery County, The State of Maryland (SafeZones), Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Forest Heights, Riverdale Park, College Park, Brentwood, Laurel, or any municipality in Prince George's County, then we may have information which could help you prepare for your case, and you can possibly help us as well.

We are particularly interested in hearing from anyone fighting a ticket who:
  • requested the camera operator to appear
  • is challenging a citation on the basis of the annual calibration logs
  • has proof of a camera error
  • was unable to receive a court hearing for an unusually long time
  • won their case
  • is an attorney 
Please CONTACT US and help us help you!