Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forest Heights Camera Tickets Fail to Stand Up in Court

The Washington Times is reporting that several Forest Heights speed camera tickets were dismissed in Prince George's County "speed camera day" after defendants used time-distance calculation to cast doubt on the accuracy of the camera readings.

One defendant, Will Foreman, owner of Eastover Auto, used the method to estimate vehicles speeds and show they were not consistent with the speeds shown on the citations.  Foreman's business maintains a small fleet of vehicles, which regularly travel in Forest Heights, and as the registered owner tickets are issued to him.  Some other defendants were also successful using the same method, however some defendants who relied on "gut feeling" about their speeds were still found guilty. Optotraffic continued to claim their cameras are accurate :“No one has come to us with a proven error,” company spokesman Mickey Shepherd said Tuesday. (note that Forest Heights denied a Maryland Public Information Act request for records pertaining to camera errors from StopBigBrotherMD, and also denied similar requests from several ticket recipients who required the information for their legal defense.)

Read the full article in the Washington Times hereAdditional Coverage:

Mr Foreman has also created a HOWTO VIDEO on Youtube  showing how drivers who believe they have gotten tickets in error can use this technique to demonstrate the error using citation images: 

We encourage anyone who discovers such errors to challenge them in court, and also to report the errors to state officials, the media, or to  If you receive a ticket in error you are NOT "being a good citizen" by just paying the fine.  Remaining silent only encourages negligence on the part of officials running these camera programs. 

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