Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Spring Break for School Zone Speed Cameras

Most Public School students are enjoying spring break, but in the interest of saving ourselves the time of responding to numerous emails two weeks from now, we'd like to remind everyone that school zone speed cameras are still up and running and issuing tickets.  In Maryland, school zone cameras are currently forbidden from issuing tickets on Saturday and Sunday, however no exception is made for other days schools are not in session, including holidays, summer vacation, or spring break.

Meanwhile, most speed cameras in Montgomery County are not located in designated school zones, nor are many of the "IHE Zone" cameras located in College Park, and as such those cameras are all exempt from the Monday-Friday restriction, issuing tickets 24/7.  Likewise the SHA's freeway workzone cameras, located on 695, 95, and 295 can also issue tickets 24/7 "regardless of whether workers are present".  The location of a new speed camera site on I-70 at South Street (Frederick) was recently posted to the SHA website.

Don't feed the monster.