Saturday, May 28, 2011

Frederick City Speed Cameras Now Online

The City of Frederick has initiated their speed camera program, according to a story in the Frederick Post.   The first cameras have been deployed near the intersection of Butterfy Lane and McCain Drive. 

The cameras are to be located in "school zones", however the city recently designated new school zones, can designate new school zones at any time, and the areas eligible for such zones speed cameras in fact covers most of the city... a fact confirmed in a videotaped council session.  The council approved 18 or 19 cameras total.  The cameras are mobile,  meaning they can be moved to other locations at any time (so the total number of sites might ultimately exceed the number of cameras).

The city will have a 30 day "warning period" as required by state law, ending in June (shortlly after schools close for summer vacation), at which time the cameras will begin issuing tickets.  Additional cameras may go online in other location and begin issuing tickets immediately (the requirement for warning periods exists only for the first camera placed in any jurisdiction).  Selected locations include two on Hayward Road, on On Opossumtown Pike and two at the 1400 block of North East Street.  The council authorized a contract with ACS State and Local Solutions who provides the cameras and related services in exchange for a portion of the revenue from each ticket.

A photo of the first camera in the Frederick Post appears to be a laser based VITRONIC Poliscan camera, the same type used by the SHA, Chevy Chase Village, and Bowie.