Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morningside Hires Brekford Corp To Run Speed Camera Program

Brekford corp announced that it has signed a contract with the town of Morningside to run the town's speed camera program.  The town of approximately 1295 is located in PG county adjacent to Andrews Airforce Base. 

Morningside made news recently when a member of the town council was investigated by state police over allegations she inappropriately deleted tickets issued by the town's existing red light camera program for herself and others and later resigned from office.

Local governments usually deny that generating revenue is the primary motivate for their programs.  However a Brekford investment profile was much more candid about the company's sales pitch:
"The Company has been able to build upon its ten years of established relationships to be the One-Stop solution in the ‘hot’ technological focus of Automated Traffic Enforcement and Automatic Traffic Safety Solutions. As municipalities search for additional revenue streams, Brekford’s Automated Traffic Enforcement and Automatic Traffic Safety Solutions presents an attractive opportunity amongst its multiple products.
Brekford’s new division focused on Automated Traffic Enforcement is attractive to municipalities searching for additional revenue.
"Brekford’s automated photo enforcement program was implemented during December 2010. A fresh stream of revenues has been created from this newly introduced program.
Brekford has been awarded automatic traffic enforcement contracts by several municipalities during the past several months and the implementation of these contracts is anticipated to bring added revenues and profitability to the Company beginning this quarter.
"In return for a percentage of revenue collected, Brekford delivers a full Turn Key System to government entities which delivers a beginning to end traffic enforcement program.
The installation of the cameras which enforce traffic is just step one in Brekford’s revenue stream. With enforcement solutions for BOTH speeding and redlight compliance Brekford delivers the back-end software and personnel that identify the vehicle and its driver through DMV information, they prepare and mail the ticket and collect the fine. Brekford’s fee represents a percentage of the amount collected. At month’s end Brekford submits to the governmental entity their percentage of the amount collected through the Brekford automated process. To support the growth Brekford has experienced in this area a new back office support for automated traffic programs opened a new back office processing and data center.
"Brekford has a solid business which has been able to capitalize on the fastest growing law enforcement technology. Shareholder value is enhanced not only with Brekford’s delivery of the technology but by the ongoing revenue stream generated from running the ‘back office’ support for traffic citations. This is what you look for in a fast growth company. Rarely do you find a solid established Company that has the solid foundation to capitalize on an industry coming into its own. Here is the chance to participate in the Traffic Solution Enforcement Industry."

Almost makes you want to run out and buy stock doesn't it?

The town website had no information about the new program at the time of this posting.  In any case, we believe it's safe to assume Morningside's new speed camera program will be conducted with the same spirit of integrity, openness, and respect for the rights of citizens we've come to expect from other such programs.