Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sources of Optotraffic Camera Errors Examined

The website "The Skeptical Juror" has posted a detailed examination of Optotraffic's cameras, publishing information from the patents for the devices along with several theories into why these cameras could possibly have been producing errors such as those which have been reported in Forest Heights, Brentwood, College Park, Cheverly, and other towns in the area.

Of course, the mechanisms presented are only theories.  An they will continue to only be theories, until such time as there is a thorough investigation by a genuinely independent organization.  Towns such as Forest Heights, which budgeted to receive more speed camera fines in FY2011 than their entire FY10 budget, an amount more than $1000 in fines per resident of the town, cannot be trusted to conduct such an investigation. is calling on the State Highway Administration(who issues permits to these speed cameras which operate on state highways), and to Governor O'Malley (who signed statewide speed cameras into law), and the Maryland Attorney General (who provides legal advice, and legal cover, to local governments which run speed camera programs), and to state lawmakers(who voted for statewide speed cameras), to commission such an investigation, preferably one which includes a qualified outside organization such as the IACP. 

Or perhaps it is simply OK with state officials that one out of every-so-many innocent drivers will get tickets.