Thursday, June 16, 2011

I-270 To Get Speed Cameras Next Month in Reduced Speed Limit Zone

The SHA will be deploying speed cameras near the construction zones for two bridge projects on I-270 near MD 80(Fingerboard Road) and Bennett Creek.  The cameras will be deployed within the next 4 weeks until the end of the project in fall of 2012, according to an article in the Frederick Post.

The speed limit in the workzones has been reduced from 65mph to 55mph, meaning tickets will be issued starting at 2mph over the normal 65mph speed limit (unless of course the cameras are in error, in which case anyone can get a ticket regardless of their speed).  Tickets can be issued 24/7 "regardless of whether workers are present" (the reduced speed limit will also be in effect regardless of whether work is taking place).  I-270 is a major artery, with 82,000 vehicles per day.

The deployment of freeway cameras was recently announced on I-70 near South Street in Frederick, and on  the capital beltway, meaning that most major interstate highways in the state will soon have speed cameras on them.  Maryland's work-zone speed cameras have issued over $22million worth of tickets since the program's inception.  The cameras are owned and maintained the the state's contractor, ACS State and Local Solutions, who also operates the state's customer service line, mails citations, collects payments, and schedules court hearings.

Drivers in neighboring states, who will have no practical means of contesting tickets, are advised to avoid visiting the "Free State" if at all possible.  We also suggest they talk to their own federal lawmakers about the cautionary example which Maryland has become and the lack of due process being afforded to out of state drivers on interstate highways.