Thursday, August 9, 2012

DC Cop Pleads Guilty in Photo Radar Fraud

A DC police officer has plead guilty to falsifying calibration logs for the District's speed camera program.

Prosecutors said David Cephas, a 22 year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department, falsified logs that certified the deployment times for district speed cameras.  According to one report, the defendant faked required hourly tests by first setting the device's internal clock back by one hour, then setting it forwards again and re-running the test, making it appear on the logs that the device had been checked at both times.

The district refunded $17,000 worth of fines for 200 photo radar tickets, and Cephas was required to pay the district $17,550 in restitution.

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NOW if Maryland officials will only do something about the even worse case of speed camera citation fraud in Riverdale Park.