Friday, August 24, 2012

Hyper-Sensitive Red Light Cams in Montgomery County?

Some of the brand new red light cameras in Rockville/Montgomery County have been observed "flashing" cars when there is no obvious red light running violations, far more frequently than was observed in the past. (see example below)

This has been observed on several cameras installed on Rockville Pike and all along Gude Drive, it is not a fluke.

We would like to hear from anyone who has received a citation from one of these new cameras.  We'd particularly like to hear from anyone who was ticketed in Maryland for "white line running" (making a full stop, but not behind the white line) as opposed to actual "red light running", or for making a right turn, or for infinitesimal times after the red.  Please email us at

Update 8/27: Several motorists have confirmed that YES Rockville's cameras have in fact been issuing tickets to people making right turns.... and apparently in not insignificant numbers. If you have gotten such a ticket, please help us document it.