Friday, September 28, 2012

PA Resident Gets 2 Tickets Without Visiting Maryland was recently contacted by a motorist from Pennsylvania who was ticketed not once but twice for a vehicle which did not belong to her:
"I've received 2 incorrect tickets for speeding around Baltimore.  I live in PA, and there is another PA plated car with the same number as me, except where I have an M they have a W.  The picture from the last ticket is during the day and fairly clear, it's just that PA's W and M are pretty narrow.

The ticket says "Sworn to or affirmed by" with a signature, but it is obviously not checked.  The car in the pictures is a silver Honda, whereas I have a dark brown VW.  They look nothing alike.

Calling the customer service line lead to a review and dismissal of the 1st ticket, and I'm on the same path with this one, but if the other car was the same or similar to mine would I just be found guilty?  It's also a hassle just to go through this process, but nothing compared to if I have to go all the way down for a court date ever.

We've reported on cases of errors by cameras many times.  Baltimore City issued a speed camera ticket ticket to a motorist who have been dead for years.  The city has issued tickets to an incorrect vehicle in cases where the images were so dark the car could not even be seen, in a case where it took that ticket recipient months to get the 'offense' removed from their MVA record.  There have been at least three separate instances where Baltimore erroneously issued thousands of tickets from cameras configured to the wrong speed limit from one camera in 2010 and agan from two different cameras in 2012, meaning the problem may actually be getting worse.  WBAL also reported how Baltimore City's red light camera program once issued thousands of tickets "signed" by a police officer who had been deceased for months.

The SHA's cameras around Baltimore are not blameless either... one motorist wrote to the Baltimore Sun about receiving a citation for someone else's car, and needed to take off work and drive 54 miles to contest the ticket.

To officials who say "if you don't speed you won't get a ticket", we say BULL!  With the faulty quality control some speed camera programs have been getting away with, you don't even need to visit Maryland to get a ticket.