Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Optotraffic Makes Ohio Town Part of Maryland

Maryland welcomes the addition of its newest town, Elmwood Place Ohio, courtesy of speed camera contractor Optotraffic.

The Maryland based contractor has expanded their business to Ohio, and their cameras have been issuing thousands of tickets in the town of Elmwood Place Ohio, where the company is "operating" the cameras.  However to simplify their business model, Optotraffic has made Elmwood Place a part of Maryland, with the issued citations stating the location of the offense was "Elmwood Place, MD", not Ohio, according to a story on WCPO.

WCPO states that one of Elmwood Place's three cameras was taken out of service by Optotraffic, without explanation from the town.

According to WLWT news finances apparently played a roll in the decision to deploy the cameras. "There's no denying raising revenue is what prompted this," said Councilman Jerald Robertson. "We are in very bad financial shape."
WCPO also noted that one of the cameras was deployed on private property without getting permission from the owner.

Welcome to Maryland Elmwood Place!!!  We hope you have better luck than some of Optotraffic's old customers.