Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baltimore Calls for "Media Restraints"

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Baltimore City released a draft report on the city's speed camera program which included a recommendation to "Restrain media access to future task forces to enable "frank, productive conversations".  The Sun also reported that members of the press were not allowed in as members of Baltimore's speed camera task force visited Brekford's headquarters.

See the full report on the Baltimore Sun website and see the video of the report and of Sun reporters being blocked access to Brekford's facility.

Baltimore City's speed camera program was recently rocked by revelations's that the city's former contractor, Xerox Corp, issued hundreds of speed camera citations due to erroneous speed readings.  Some of these included citations issued to completely motionless cars or large trucks accused of traveling twice their actual speeds.  The Baltimore Sun's detailed coverage of the situation and of city's Speed Camera Task Force meetings was one of the things which forced the city and Xerox corp to make the admissions.  The city replaced Xerox corp with speed camera contractor Brekford Corp at the beginning of this year.