Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baltimore To Throw Out 6000 Tickets, City Says They Have "No Evidence"

The Baltimore Sun reports that Baltimore City will be voiding 6000 speed and red light camera citations which were pending court hearings because their former speed camera contractor, Xerox Corporation, has stopped showing up for court hearings.  The city claims they have no evidence with which to prosecute the cases.

According to the Sun's report a district court judge dismissed all citations presented at a recent court hearing after the city stated they had no evidence to prosecute the cases, eliciting smiles from the defendants.

Baltimore ended their contract with Xerox Corporation late last year after signing a new contract with Brekford Corp.  The change occurred at a time when the city and Xerox had come under intense fire after revelations that some of their speed cameras had been systematically issuing erroneous tickets.

Baltimore's program was recently shut down after a discovery that one of its new cameras provided by Brekford had also issued erroneous tickets, after being programmed to enforce a 25mph speed limit on a stretch of road posted at 30mph.  The city has not announced a date when the program would resume.

The Sun has also reported that Baltimore City is withholding $2million in payments to Xerox Corp:
Because of a "number of disagreements," City Solicitor George Nilson said, "the city held back on making those payments" at least temporarily. "Prudent business people don't automatically or necessarily send out final payments when there are pending issues needing to be resolved," he said