Thursday, June 27, 2013

Congressman Proposes Federal Ban on DC Speed Cameras

A member of congress is circulating draft legislation which would ban speed cameras in the nation's capital.

Representative Kerry Bentivolio (R, Michigan) stated that the draft bill is not finalized yet but would "protect the people’s rights, not take them away.".

DC cameras brought in $85 million in revenue last year, much of which came from residents of neighboring Maryland and Virginia.

A Detroit News article noted that speed and red light cameras are not currently used in Bentivolio's home state of Michigan, due to an opinion by the state's Attorney General that they are illegal under state law.  The article noted that Bentivolio had not received any tickets from DC speed or red light cameras.  “He is interested in the issue because the public is overwhelmingly against them, they violate people’s rights, and cause accidents" stated  Matt Chisholm, a spokesman for Bentivolio.

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