Thursday, July 11, 2013

Attorney Argues Damascus Camera Tickets Should be Refunded

An attorney who successfully contested a Montgomery County speed camera tickets is arguing that all tickets from the location should be considered invalid.

Attorney Paul Layer argued in court that the location of the speed camera at 27300 Ridge Road was not publicly advertised in accordance with a requirement of state law which says
"(vii) Before activating an unmanned stationary speed monitoring system, the local jurisdiction shall: 
1. Publish notice of the location of the speed monitoring system on its website and in a newspaper of general circulation in the jurisdiction;"

The site did not appear on the county's map of speed camera locations at the time.  Layer argued that the county was unable to show that the actual camera location had been published prior to its deployment.  The citation was dismissed.

The county maintains a map of speed camera locations, however it has begun the practice of posting broad 'speed camera corridors' which cover long stretches of roads, rather than just specific camera locations.  The cameras may be moved around to multiple locations within the corridor without posting all individual locations.  The county has plans to soon increase its number of mobile cameras which can be deployed within these zones from 20 to 30.

Layer told the Gazette that he thought the county should refund other citations issued at the Ridge Road location, and that he would consider an injunction to keep the case active and prove that all tickets from the camera are invalid.

Gazette: Montgomery County drops case of Damascus speed camera ticket