Monday, July 22, 2013

Tell Us What You Think

We want to know more about what issues matter to our readers. Please take a few minutes to answer this (unscientific) poll and let us know what you think of these issues which affect drivers.

1) Which of the following motorist issues do you care about (choose all that apply)?

2) This past year the Maryland Legislature considered legislation which would have alternately banned speed cameras, or made changes to the law to end the practice of paying contractors based on the number of tickets and requiring citation photos to provide evidence of speed. Neither proposal passed.

What Do You think Should Be Done with the Maryland's speed camera law?

3) The Maryland General Assembly voted to increase gas taxes this past year. The law requires the funds to be spent on 'transportation projects', a large portion of which goes towards transit projects rather than roads.

Gas taxes should be spent on

3) Some Maryland jurisdictions have been using red light cameras to ticket vehicles which make right turns without stopping, or which come to a full stop but partially past the white 'stop line' (both of which are technically violations of Maryland law).

Red Light cameras should be used...

4) What do you think of toll roads (choose all that apply)

5) The ACLU recently reported on the widespread use of ALPR(Automated License Plate Recognition) to collect and store vast amounts of information on the movements of vehicles. ALPR systems (license plate scanners) are being funded by grants from the Department of Homeland Security and are stated to be used to locate stolen vehicles and people wanted for crimes, however they also record the movements of hundreds of thousands or even millions of motorists who have committed no offense.

What do you think of Automated License Plate Recognition