Thursday, August 1, 2013

Charles County Speed Camera Tickets Voided

Charles County temporarily suspended its speed camera program and will be voiding thousands of citations after it was discovered that several of the "school zone" speed cameras were in fact not inside a school zone at all.

The SHA made the discovery after the cameras had been operating on Berry Road (Route 228) outside the posted school zone they were intended to be placed in for over a year.  Speed cameras in most parts of the state (with the notable exception of Montgomery County) 

Approximately 4000 citations issued to motorists who had been wrongly accused of speeding inside a school zone will have their citations either refunded or voided.  About 3300 citations were already paid, as most motorists pay speed camera citations without question.

Charles county has thus far been running a relatively small program, with only 3 speed cameras so far.  It is unknown how long the cameras will be shut down.

Several motorists rejoiced the decision on camera to WJLA:  “I think it’s very unfair and that it needs to be taken out,” says Deborah Smalls. “The citizens are being taken advantage of.”
“I think they’re all about money, getting money,” says Megan Battaglia. “Money-hungry people.

WTOP has reported that Motorists who have received a citation from the speed camera at westbound Berry Road/Route 228 have been advised NOT to pay them.  Citations from this camera will be voided.  Charles County has set up an answer line at (301) 609-5971 / (301) 609-5972 Monday - Friday 8am-4pm to answer questions about the citations.

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