Thursday, August 29, 2013

First DC Stop Sign Camera Goes Up

DC has now deployed their first stop sign camera.  The device, designed to ticket people who make "california rolls" has been deployed  at the corner of Kansas Avenue and Buchanan Street NW.

Stop Sign Cameras have been in use in some California jurisdictions for some time.  The seven stop sign cameras located in one Santa Monica Mountain park issued $2.8million worth of tickets in FY10.  Where they have been used, they have been criticized because those jurisdictions were ticketing vehicles that stopped 'a foot over the white line' or 'slowly rolled through' stop signs, leaving it clear this would be the use of the devices.  The group 'Safer Streets LA' wrote about the issuance of $175 tickets for violations like this one:

They also wrote about the placement of a stop sign camera on a 'crosswalk to nowhere'.

DC Police plan to add a total of 132 new cameras of various sorts, a move which will roughly double the number of traffic enforcement camera in effect.  DC recently deployed "oversized vehicle" cameras aimed at fining trucks for driving on residential roads and is reportedly considering cameras to catch people who "block the box" as part of their continuing continuing efforts to charge admission to the nation's capital, er I mean "to improve safety".