Thursday, September 12, 2013

Salisbury Resident Complains of Camera Ticket "Spikes"

A Wicomico County resident wrote a letter to the editor at, complaining about the reliability of cameras used in the county:
"In August 2012, I had problems with Pemberton Drive cameras, as many other also did. I called the Sheriff’s Office many times, and was told the cameras were checked daily and are accurate. I told them I use cruise control set below 35 mph.
Again, no satisfaction. Then on Oct. 4, 2012, The Daily Times reported that Sheriff Mike Lewis and Chief Deputy Gary Baker had concerns about a spike in citations the week of Aug. 20-24, 2012; 175 citations were issued. They had decided to issue refunds for those days.
How about Sept. 3-7, 2012, when 110 citations were issued, and Sept. 10-14, 2012, when 172 citations were issued?
I have lived off Pemberton Drive almost 50 years with no problems. Then, during three spike periods, I receive four citations."
 Marion F. Parsons Jr., Salisbury

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A reference to the refunds and Wicomico County's 2012 alleged spike in violations can be found in this article at
Last November Sheriff Mike Lewis reported to the council a sudden rush of violations caused his office to question if one camera might have been malfunctioning.
The peak occurred during the week of Aug. 20-24 near Pemberton Elementary School. Though the camera was checked and no obvious problems were discovered, the Sheriff’s Office made the decision to refund all citations issued by that camera for the week the peak occurred just to eliminate all doubt. 
Councilman Joe Holloway stated Red Speed has captured drivers going 70 to 80 mph in neighborhoods that following a review Sheriff Mike Lewis and County Attorney Edgar Baker have found to be impossible to drive that fast in those areas.
“That is what’s wrong with this system, it is flawed, and I am sorry that I voted for it,” Joe Holloway said.

If you get a bogus ticket SAY SOMETHING.