Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gansler Comes Clean on Speed Camera Ticket

Attorney General Doug Gansler has admitted that a state vehicle issued to him had received a speed camera citation from the District of Columbia.  The Washington Post recently reported on inappropriate demands which state police alleged that Gansler had made to drivers assigned to transport him.  Gansler denied a report that he had received and refused to pay a speeding ticket he got in the mail stating “There’s a public record to show I never got a speeding ticket, so we know that’s not true.

The Washington Post now reports that Gansler has acknowledged that the Attorney General's Office was issued a ticket by the District of Columbia for a vehicle assigned to him.  Maryland state troopers had previously reported that the citation was issued "while the Attorney General was operating the vehicle in DC".  The citation, issued in June of 2012, was issued for traveling 21-25mph over the speed limit in a 30mph zone at the 2300 block of Porter Street NW.  The fine for the citation had been doubled because it was overdue.  Gansler says he has now paid the citation which he had "inadvertently not paid", without determining who was driving, according to the Post.