Thursday, November 7, 2013

MDA Exclusive: Brekford representative to travel to Salisbury tomorrow to hand over documents

A source at Salisbury's speed camera vendor, Brekford Corporation, has informed the MDA that a Brekford representative will be meeting with Col. Barclay on Friday, November 8, to deliver "a very large packet" of speed camera calibration certificates.   Col. Barclay manages Salisbury's speed camera program. 

State law requires that the calibration certificates be maintained in the files of each jurisdiction that operates speed cameras. 

The MDA requested calibration certificates from Salisbury five months ago, but the city did not fulfill the request.  Another request was submitted two months ago.  The city has continued to disregard the requests for calibration certificates even after numerous calls and emails to Mayor James Ireton, Council President Jacob Day, the city clerk, City Attorney Mark Tilghman and other city officials.

The Brekford representative also stated that Salisbury will be posting the calibration certificates on the city's website on November 8.