Thursday, December 12, 2013

Alfa Convertible Gets Ticket for Toyota Hatchback

WTOP has reported on the case of a Virginia driver who received a DC speed camera ticket without visiting the city.  The driver from McClean, VA received a ticket dated October 30 for going 36mph in a 25mph zone with a fine of $100.  The ticket showed the license plate tag "ANDARE", which was the same as the tag on his red Alfa Romeo convertible.  The problem is the vehicle shown in the ticket was not his, instead it was a blue Toyota hatchback which bears no resemblance to the Alfa.

On closer inspection, the tag shown in the citation was apparently not a Virginia tag at all.  The DC Police were initially unhelpful.  WTOP wrote....
After MVA agreed the car in the speed camera ticket appeared to be a Maryland tag, a request was made to D.C. police to void the citation.
"Any questions regarding tickets issued should be directed to the Department of Motor Vehicle Services' Adjudication Services, not the Metropolitan Police Department," writes spokeswoman Gwen Crump.
"I got upset when I tried to adjudicate the ticket and the DMV told me it would take up to six months, when it's simply a case of black and white. I sent them a picture of my red Alfa Romeo convertible, a copy of my Virginia registration, and you sent them proof that this ticket should've gone to a Maryland driver, and they wouldn't do anything," says Merlis.
After WTOP got involved, and the motorist contacted the head of the District's speed camera program on their advice, the citation was voided.