Thursday, December 12, 2013

Salisbury City Council president faces charges for driving on suspended license

From Delmarvanow news, covering Salisbury and the greater Wicomico County area:
City Council President Jake Day could face jail time after a traffic stop on the morning of his wedding day resulted in charges of driving on a suspended license and other traffic offenses, court records show.
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An editorial in the DelmarvaNow website stated
Day’s problem, of course, is the atmospherics of the situation. He’s been pulled over for speeding at least seven times since 2008 and has had his license suspended at least twice. This paints a portrait of a man who gives little heed to speed-limit signs and the safety of himself and other drivers. Anybody can get a speeding ticket, but far fewer people get them repeatedly or get to the point where a license suspension is at issue.
The Maryland Drivers Alliance contacted Mr. Day in October 2013 to request assistance in obtaining Salisbury's speed camera calibration certificates when the city mayor and city attorney failed to respond to  our Public Information Act request.  After initially promising to look into the delay, Mr. Day never did get back to us, in spite of the many voice mail messages that we left for him.  When we finally did obtain some calibration records from Salisbury months after our initial request, the documents indicated several significant lapses in calibrations.

News Coverage From Salisbury:
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