Monday, January 13, 2014

We get mail -- but we can always use more

The Maryland Driver's Alliance receives lots of email from our readers, but we can always use more.

Even small bits of information are helpful.  Often, we are able to use small tips from various sources and put them together to uncover abuses by the speed camera programs.

Due to the volume of email, we aren't able to provide a detailed reply to every inquiry.  But be assured that every tip is helpful.

Some of the types of information that are particularly helpful include:
  • Reports about speed camera court sessions.  If possible, include the name of the judge.  If you don't have the judge's name, please provide the county in which the trial was held and the date of the court session.   If possible, tell us not only about your case, but about any other cases that you recall.  
  • Scanned images of speed camera citations.  If you want to block out your license plate number, that's fine.  We are mainly interested in reviewing the citations for conformance with the law and for technical details.  We won't publish any images without your permission.  Let us know that you have an image and we'll send you an email address to which you can send the image.
  • Information about city council or county council meetings in which speed camera issues are discussed.  There are simply too many individual jurisdictions in Maryland for the MDA leaders to actively track every jurisdiction's meeting agenda or meeting minutes.  However, if you become aware of a town or county whose officials are discussing speed cameras, please let us know.
Again, every tip is helpful, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  All information is held in confidence.   We never release a name without permission.  Help us help everyone by submitting tips on the contact form at