Saturday, May 17, 2014

Baltimore County Issues Tickets Three Years Late

WBALTV News reports that Baltimore County recently issued hundreds of tickets for violations that occurred as much as three years ago.

State law requires that citations be issued within 14 days for vehicles registered in state, or 30 days for vehicles registered outside Maryland.  The incident involved vehicles that were leased or rented.
The tickets involved citations issued to rented or leased vehicles.  Apparently the county had built up a "backlog" of such citations to "transfer" to the vehicle renter/lessee, many of which were years old, and a county employee only recently asked vendor Xerox Corp to issue the tickets.

One motorist commented to WBALV:
"I laughed. I thought it was a joke," said Stan Constatine about his reaction when he realized the speed camera ticket he was about to pay showed a violation date of April 22, 2011.
"I think what should happen is there should be an audit of all of these citations," Constatine said.
This past year State lawmakers were offered several proposals for bills to audit speed camera programs.  However the leadership of he House Environmental Matters Committee refused to incorporate audits into the law due to opposition from state and local government agencies who did not want outside oversight.

The county's speed camera vendor, Xerox, forwarded Channel 11 News' questions to a Baltimore County representative, who said about 400 tickets were never mailed out to violators until now because of a glitch in Xerox's system.

Approximately 400 of these citations were issued.  Baltimore County has stated that they would void the tickets, and issue refunds for any motorists who have paid the tickets. [....since the press is aware of it]  County officials said they were negotiating with vendor Xerox to attempt to collect $8000 in "lost revenue" from the tickets.

Xerox Corporation is the same vendor who was involved in the speed camera accuracy issues that occurred in Baltimore City, which according to an audit may have resulted in as many as 10% of all citations issued by the city being in error.  Xerox is the same vendor used by Montgomery County and the SHA.