Wednesday, March 18, 2015

College Park Tickets Wrong Car

A Westminster resident received a speed camera ticket from College Park without visting the city.

The ticket, issued in February, showed a picture of a white SUV, but was issued to the owner of a Black Camery instead.  Several of the characters on the image of the license plate were not clear on the citation.

The recipient contacted the Maryland Drivers Alliance who directed them to the correct location to request the city review the ticket.  When the motorist did not receive confirmation until 4 days before the due date to request a hearing, the motorist contacted the city again.  After the city was queried about the citation by both the Maryland Drivers Alliance and a local radio reporter, the city admitted the ticket was in error, but attempted to place the blamed on the Motor vehicle Administration rather than the fact the plate was misread:
"Our speed camera citation processing contractor has now been able to review your citation and MD MVA records for the vehicle photographed and your vehicle. Your citation has been dismissed due to it being issued in error based upon the information originally provided by MVA to our contractor, and the error being confirmed by MVA. All  action related to this citation has been dismissed. "

Such errors are not uncommon in some jurisdictions, but are rarely publicly reported.

College Park budgeted to bring in $1,600,000 in speed camera fines in FY2015 (an increase from FY14), approximately 40% of which goes to their contractor.