Sunday, September 20, 2015

More Traffic Ticket Troubles For Montgomery County Council Member

A Montgomery County lawmaker found himself on the wrong side of the law yet again, as Maryland court records show that Council member Craig Rice received two traffic tickets this past August.

In December 2013, it was reported that Montgomery County Council member Craig Rice had run up over $1000 worth of unpaid traffic and parking tickets before being confronted by the press.   Mr Rice was apparently cited for traffic violations yet again this summer, when court records show that Mr Rice received citations for speeding and “changing lanes when unsafe”while in Ocean City Maryland on August 13.

The court records show that Mr Rice plead guilty to driving 50mph in a 35mph zone, more than 40% over the legally posted speed limit.

Council Member Craig Rice:
Chronic Traffic Violator and Hypocrite
At the time when WJLA confronted Mr Rice about unpaid traffic citations in 2013, DC's traffic violation system showed citations for a speed camera ticket and parking fines, which he paid after being confronted by reporters.  According to Maryland Court records, Mr Rice had previously received citations for "EXCEEDING MAXIMUM SPEED: 44 MPH IN A POSTED 35 MPH ZONE' in 2012, and a " FAILURE TO OBEY PROPERLY PLACED TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS" in 2013, as well as 2 prior traffic violations from 2011 which have since been purged from the court system.

Mr Rice had also caught flack for illegal parking in DC back in 2009.

Mr Rice has been a supporter of Montgomery County's automated traffic enforcement program.  Council Member Rice has repeatedly refused to respond to questions from the editor of the Maryland Drivers Alliance website (who is a resident of his district) about the county's program.