Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Chicago Jury Hands Down Guilty Verdict in Red Light Camera Bribery Trial

A jury has found former Deputy head of Chicago Department of Transportation John Bills guilty on 20 counts including fraud, extortion, bribery and other charges pertaining to the city's red light camera program

Prosecutors argued that Redflex paid $2million through a "bagman" to influence city officials, including $643,000 in cash, a condo in Arizona, trips, a Mercades convertible, and other benefits paid to Bills.  Australian photo enforcement company Redflex earned $124million off of their Chicago red light camera contract. 

Former Redflex CEO Karen Finley was forced to resign over the scandal and had previously plead guilty to her role in the scandal.  The scandal was revealed only because a whistleblower turned information over to the Chicago Tribune, whose investigation eventually led to the charges being filed.