Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Man Receives Tickets from Baltimore County, Prince George's for Vehicles He Does Not Own

A Rockville man received some unwanted Christmas presents in the mail this year: multiple photo-enforcement tickets for cars that doesn't belong to him, according to a report by Fox 5 news.

Michael Greene, from Rockville, got home from his Christmas break and found a stack of automated traffic tickets in the mail.  The man drives a BMW X3 SUV.  The citations showed images of various leased BMW vehicles, none of which were his, according to Fox 5.

“I thought my wife got speed camera tickets and was just speeding all over the place,” Greene said. “And then she said, ‘No, I didn't,’ and then we opened them up and I was really shocked to see that they weren't our cars.”
Two automated speed camera tickets were from Prince George's County, another speed camera citation was from Baltimore County. Greene also received a toll violation from the New Jersey Turnpike for a $2.90 toll and a $50 fine.  None of the citations were for vehicles he had been driving, according to the report.
“No one wanted to help, I talked to jurisdictions and that really got me nowhere. I talked to the MVA and they said all of the data was correct. I even called BMW and BMW said all the data was correct for them. At that point, with everyone washing their hands, someone's got to figure out where the problem is.”
Fox5 tried calling the same individuals whom Greene tried to contact.  Optotraffic spokesperson John O'Connor stated that they needed to take the matter up with the Prince George's County "ombudsman". The reporter was put on hold twice when they called the number for Baltimore County's citations and had to give up after waiting 13 minutes, according to the report.