Sunday, February 21, 2016

Montgomery County councilmember Navarro's husband caught over the stop line by Takoma Park police officer

District Court records reveal that Takoma Park police officer Jon Goldin issued a citation to Silver Spring resident Reginald Laurent for failure to stop at a stop sign line.   Mr. Laurent is the husband of Montgomery County council member Nancy Navarro.

It's important to note that Mr. Laurent was not charged with failure to stop at a stop sign.  Based on the charges, it appears Mr. Laurent did come to a full stop, but the wheels of his car might have gone over the line.

The District Court judge, in an act of leniency,  issued a verdict of "probation before judgement", with a $90 suspended fine and $25.50 court costs.   The case was heard on December 15, 2015.  

We don't have any other details about the case, but given the nature of the crime, we are wondering if perhaps Takoma Park police have a bit too much time on their hands.