Sunday, February 24, 2019

Inconsistencies Found in Audit of State Speed Camera Program

An audit of the Maryland SafeZones speed camera program by the state Office of Legislative Audits found inconsistencies with the SHA's statewide speed camera program.

The report stated "SHA did not adequately monitor the Maryland SafeZones program vendor to ensure that the program was properly administered in compliance with all contract requirements," the audit report explained. "The contract contains certain vendor requirements, most of which are intended to ensure program compliance in accordance with state law and are necessary for the valid issuance of a citation when a speeding violation is detected.

In particular, the audit noted that trained operators were not always present as required, road signage indicating photo enforcement in use, and the verification and documentation by the vendor of work zone site compliance before enforcement sessions. 

The audit also found that the SHA's own on-site reviews were inadequate.  Out of the 18 work zone cameras during the time the audit was performed, 10 of those sites did not have required inspections.  Additionally, the audit found that the number of accidents occurring within work zones were not comprehensively tracked.

The SafeZones Program had flunked a similar audit in 2012.

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